Our Mission

A beautiful smile is the most obvious result of orthodontic treatment, however there are many more benefits to orthodontics. Children with misaligned teeth and jaws can experience symptoms daily such as pain, inability to eat or chew comfortably, speech problems, embarrassment, poor dental health, low self-esteem, refusal to laugh or smile, and distraction from learning. Untreated orthodontic problems also contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ problems and loss of teeth.

The professionals associated with A Smile for Kids understand how important it is for children to have a happy, healthy smile and that good oral health is essential to a child’s overall general health and well-being throughout their entire life.

ASK’s goal is to obtain excellent oral, social, personal, psychological and physical health for the underprivileged children of our communities and ultimately improve their quality of life.



“Empowering Under-Resourced Youth Through Orthodontics, Education, & Community Service.”