What is the target population for A Smile for Kids?

A Smile for Kids targets under-resourced youth in 6th-11th grade who struggle socially and do not have peer acceptance due to the look of their teeth.

Does A Smile for Kids have a religious or political affiliation?

No, A Smile for Kids is an independent, non-profit organization without a specific religious or political affiliation. ASK helps identify children who meet eligibility criteria without regard to race, religion, creed, nationality, culture or background.

How is A Smile For Kids funded?

Unlike for-profit businesses, operating revenues come mainly from charitable donors committed to the aims of the organization. In addition to cash gifts, the organization seeks sponsors, grants, endowments and in-kind gifts. For example, orthodontists and dental professionals may choose to provide their services gratis or at reduced fees to make it possible for more children to be served by available funds. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service classifies A Smile For Kids as 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Yearly financial statements are prepared by an Oregon CPA firm and audited by a separate firm.

What is the requirement of the parent/guardian and child?

The parent/guardian must be willing to provide transportation; promote and support good oral hygiene in the child; ensure the child completes 4-8 hours of volunteer work monthly; and pay a monthly fee (TBD) to the orthodontist during the entire orthodontic treatment time.

How is it determined which children will be treated?

In order to identify those kids in critical need orthodontic treatment, application are accepted by referral-only from professionals working with under-resourced  youth.

How long will it take to hear back once I submit an application?

It takes 1 to 3 months for our organization to obtain all the paperwork we need to submit a case for review and a final determination to be made. If you have specific questions on a case that was submitted, please contact ASK at (541) 497-0020.

How can I view my Donation History?

We now offer the ability to view your online giving history at Donation History page. Please use this often to check your balances and contact us if you notice any discrepancies.