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A Smile for Kids (ASK), a non-profit organization that provides orthodontic treatment for children suffering from ridicule and low self-esteem due to severely crooked teeth has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Central Oregon Health Council. ASK removes the obstacle of crooked teeth while requiring all program recipients to perform monthly volunteer service and have their school grades in “good standing”; resulting in improved educational and job opportunities, and a current graduation rate of 96.3% for kids completing the program (2014 through 2018).

Over the next 2 years, these grant dollars will help provide funding for children living throughout Central Oregon.


A Smile For Kids (ASK) is grateful to have over 60 orthodontists in our program. ASK has recipients all over Oregon which means our need for orthodontists in all areas in continually growing. The newest orthodontist to join the ASK mission is Dr. Scott Henson of Henson Orthodontics!


Break The Silence. We can all help prevent suicide. In honor of Oregon’s suicide awareness month, A Smile For Kids is working to bring knowledge to the community.

Nearly 800,000 people die every year from suicide. Educating yourself on the signs and symptoms of depression can help you recognize when someone needs help. 

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