Who We Are

Mission Statement

 Empowering under-resourced youth through orthodontics, education, and community service.


ASK Board Of Directors

Cynthia Shirtcliff, President
Boni Smith, Vice President
Donald R. Laird, Secretary
Juliana Panchura, DMD, Treasurer
Linda Dwight
Kyle House, DDS
Benita Wong, DDS


ASK Staff

Michael Vendrame, Exectutive Director, michaelv@asmileforkids.org

Morgan Leatham, Program Coordinator, morganl@asmileforkids.org

A Smile For Kids Diversity Policy

A Smile for Kids (ASK) strives to be a model of diversity in regard to ethnicity; gender; language differences; nationality; parental status; physical, mental and developmental abilities; race; religion; sexual orientation. ASK is committed to serving a racially diverse spectrum of low-income “at-risk” kids.  Our outreach efforts span all communities in the State of Oregon and Idaho.  We encourage referrals from schools, social service agencies, health departments, tribal communities, and more.